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Common FAQ's

Below are answers for the most common questions people have. If you don’t see you an answer to your question below, please get it touch. We’re always here to help our customers.

Officially the answer is no. U.S. Transportation Law says a carrier can be fined up to $10,000 for transporting household items in a vehicle. However this is rarely enforced. In addition, the driver needs to do a weight estimate to avoid any problems with scales at the roadside inspection checkpoints. That’s another reason they don’t want your car loaded with household items. Some drivers do allow you to put the equivalent of two small suitcases worth of times in the trunk of your car. This is of course up to the discretion of each individual driver. However we are not responsible for loss, damage or theft of these items. If you want to add items to your vehicle, discuss it with the driver first.

It’s a good idea to schedule at least two days in advance but two weeks would be better. In some cases we can even ship your car the same day but having more notice helps us to better with scheduling your vehicle move.

More than 95% of vehicles are shipped in open trailers. It’s been shown time and time again to be a safe way to ship your vehicle. In fact, car dealers usually ship their new deliveries in open trailers. That’s because it’s safe, reliable and cost effective. However, if you have a valuable exotic or collectible car then you may want to opt for the more expensive enclosed trailer. Typically, this will cost about 30%-50% more, but for some people it’s worth it.

Most vehicles are picked up and shipped within a week. Same day pickups are possible sometimes. We can do express rush orders if you need so please ask us if that’s what you need. If you live close to a major metropolitan area it can often ship faster than if you live in a remote or rural area. In some situations if the car is in a very remote location, you may need to meet the transport truck at a nearby town or city to help get it shipped faster.

Many people are eager to get their vehicle delivered as quickly as possible. It’s safe to assume that once your vehicle is picked up that it usually takes about 1 day for every 500 miles of delivery distance. So that means a 2,000 mile delivery would take about 4 days. Most carriers will typically estimate 10 days for a coast-to-coast delivery (but they may actually arrive earlier).

Yes it is. As auto transport professionals, it’s our job to make sure your vehicle is protected during transport.

Once you place and order, we’ll email you an order confirmation along with details of the shipping process. Next our driver will contact you (typically by phone) to arrange the pickup details. When the vehicle is picked up, you’ll get a Bill of Lading and a Vehicle Inspection Report. Both of these will need to be signed by you as part of handing over the vehicle. You’ll get a copy of both forms.

First clean out any loose items as much as possible. Also, remove any items of value just to be safe. Federal Law does not allow auto transport companies to ship household goods inside of your car, so please don’t pack your car with boxes and such. Any items you have previously discussed with your driver should be locked in the trunk. It’s also advisable the vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas. When you hand over the vehicle you’ll need to also give them a set of keys.

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